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Australian 1996 Gold Mouse Lunar Coin 1 oz_2702
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Australian 1996 Gold Mouse Lunar Coin 1 oz

$USD 3,374.36

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The Perth Mint kicked off its Lunar Series with the 1996 Year of the Mouse, the first year in the repeating Chinese Lunar Calendar. This cycle of the Lunar Calendar concludes in 2007 with the Year of Pig. The obverse of the 1996 Mouse coins carries the effigy of a young Queen Elizabeth, the third official likeness of the Queen during her reign. The same likeness graces the obverses of the 1997 Ox and the 1998 Tiger. However, in 1999 Australia adopted a mature image of the Queen, one that Buckingham Palace had released in late 1997. The release of the new effigy resulted in the first three coins in the Lunar Series (the Mouse, the Ox, and the Tiger) carrying a young likeness of Queen Elizabeth, while the remaining nine coins carry a mature Queen Elizabeth. MINTAGE: 16,593