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About us

The Royalex Group, is the biggest retailer and wholesaler of precious metals in Macau, China. We are the first ever international distributor of gold and silver coins and all of the products are international circulated gold and silver coins precious metals.


The main operation of Royalex is the retailing of gold and silver coins and wholesaling of international collectible coins. Other operations include the wholesaling of precious metals from overseas, providing services of buy-back of these metals and exclusively customized gold and silver coins for customers at respectable rates.


The Royalex Tower is the largest retail store of gold and silver coins in Asia. Within two years time, Royalex has expanded to six retail stores, mainly supply supplying coins to north America,Hong Kong,Singapore and other Chinese-speaking regions. Royalex is proficient in precious metal investing and trading, providing warehoused precious metal services for high-end customers with top confidentiality.The Royalex group targets and specializes in coin investing, souvenirs and gifts, and high end collectible items.



Macau is a world-class gaming and tourism city with its own 500,000 populations and sharing the 28 million tourists every year. Royalex Group is spotted this huge potential retail market of precious metals, gold and silver coins as a starting point. In order to attract different types of customers, Royalex has totally 6 branches in Macau, which are separated located within Macau region, Taipa region, luxurious hotel district and tourist areas. Royalex Group targets and specializes in coin investing,  souvenir and gifts, and high end collectible items for demand of Chinese-speaking regions; this is why Royalex take a big step to introduce 4000 categories of gold and silver product from all over the world. We believe that: “Royalex is not only selling gold and silver coins, but also to provide the customers with different experience of consuming gold and silver in Macau.



Continuing success further, since B2C expanding step by step, this is also the main sector of the Royalex of B2B wholesale business. Royalex keeps on cooperating with Macau local banks and international world-class hotels. Also, Royalex brings the wide variety of different levels of world-class gold and silver products into the Chinese market in order to make it deeper and broader through the different sources.

For the international wholesale; Royalex had already expanded its business in Hong Kong, Singapore, North America, Australia and other places within two years.



The Asian high-end customers have traded tens of millions of ounce of physical precious metals every year. There are a certain number of investors investing gold and silver in Macau. Royalex first dedicated the storage services to provide investors with security and privacy environment in consideration that the investment-grade gold and silver collection is not easy to store.


Buy-Back Service

Positioning as a world-class gold coin dealers, Royalex would like to offer the consumer with a complete system: the complete after-sales service and repurchase system as a complete mechanism. Royalex commits to improve the gold and silver coins market situation through the online platform or traditional collection market. So far, Royalex provides the real-time pricing system on its official website in public which can real-time tracking of international trading prices of gold and silver prices that the market being turned into the new leaf for convening the customers.


Customized gold and silver coins

In view of the major groups, banks gifting demand, Royalex offers customized gold and silver coins and ingot services, which can be made in accordance with the special events or celebrations. Further, the text printed on the coins or ingots engraved with year which is customized and meaningful.



Royalex becomes the authorized distributor of three major international rating agencies within 2 years. Certified coins mainly are the rating agencies coins NGC, PCGS and banknotes rating agency PMG, which brings more convenient service for the collectors in Greater China region.


Customer Categories
Major retail customers: Macau local citizens, Hong Kong and Mainland visitors, who can categorized as gold and silver investment customers and the gold and silver coin collectors.
Local wholesale customers and the International Entertainment Groups like luxurious world-class hotels are focusing on the gifting market.
Overseas wholesale customers are majority from Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and Australia who mainly investing and collecting in gold and silver coin.


In view of the Royalex group have well international reputation with the good financial status, Royalex have broken the industry’s record obtaining the authorized dealership with the Mint of the following countries within two years: China Gold coin incorporation, the Royal Canadian Mint, PAMP, the Perth Mint in Australia, the Royal Australian Mint, the Singapore Mint, the Royal Mint, the New Zealand mint, the Mint of Poland and the Holy land Mint (the Israel mint).



Based in Macau . Stationed in Hong Kong

Royalex Group owned the six local retail stores distributed all around Macau within two years and now with the long-term cooperation with local banks and hotel groups. Royalex are proud of the Royalex flagship store – Royalex tower, newly opened in September 2013 which is the Asia’s largest retail store in gold and silver coins meanwhile collecting the famous worldwide brand for the gold and silver coin. Royalex tower is the expansion to new markets in Asia coordinates; while the core values​ of the coordinates are: located in Macau.Royalex Group willbe officially stationed in Hong Kong on 7th July,2014.


The global layout

Whether beginning with Asia’s premier retail and wholesale gold and silver coins as the center of the hall, Royalex connects with the high-end customers in China, Hong Kong and Macao, Singapore, Chinese-speaking region, and even around the rest of the world through the business network in both Hong Kong and Macau, and the establishment of the official shopping website.

Past History

Since the founding of Royalex had established a set of fundamental values, which has been guiding the development of our company, and continues to this day. We are committed to build lasting, strong relationship with our customers and suppliers in the trust and mutually beneficial basis. Based on the Hong Kong and Macao, Asia Focus!


The first shop opened

Royalex officially born in April 2012, the Costa store is the first retail stores which mainly located in the areas with convenient transportation, the local banks and the majority of middle-class surrounding by; the investment gold and silver coins are the main products to be presented to the customers as the time Macau was in an undeveloped market meanwhile the low premium gold market is undoubtedly the first choice to be contacted with.


Branch opening

Macau is a charming potential market, as the first store is on track, the other Royalex branches are opened along with the fast developing Macau economy and huge demanding from the market : the Taipa branch located within the new senior residential with amazing consumer demand; the Da Tang branch which is next to the most prosperous area in Macau attracting the tourists and experienced collectors; the Fortuna branch is surrounded by the casinos which could fully satisfy the demand of tourists and customers; Rocks hotel is located in the Fisherman Wharf positioned as the VIP branch which provides the private space for Royalex VIP customers only; the latest flagship store – Royalex tower is decorated in a simple, trendy and luxurious design which made customers enjoy the nice environment with the adequate light for admiring the gold and silver coins in the right view.


Royalex Tower grand opening

Royalex tower is established in September 2013 and it’s a new landmark of that region as well as the slogan “Based in Macau, Focus Asia!” Royalex is the pioneer combing the investment-grade precious metals with the gold and silver coin as a retail boutique to be presented to the customers.


Royalex as the representatives  of the international Mints

Countries have issued commemorative gold and silver coins whereas it is also the legal tender. The reputation, risk management, orders quantity should reach a considerable level for being the issued countries’ distributors.  Royalex currently has gained more than 10 international mints’ recognitions and continued dedicates to enrich the product range for more distribution rights.


The classic promotion product release

Royalex will do the activities for commemorative themes from time to time, the most excellent achievement is definitely the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee commemorative coins which is 1 kg gold limited edition of 60 worldwide. Royalex owns 8 of 60 pcs of 1 kg gold coins in the world meanwhile more than half of the 1 kg silver limited edition of 600 worldwide were sold by the Royalex. Moreover, the China Panda gold coins is also our best-selling products and the sales is considerable. This success proves Royalex towards to the right direction step by step.


Stationed in Hong Kong

Royalex Hong Kong headquarter will be officially opened on 7th July,2014 at north Point,AT Tower,which is the 7th branch of Royalex Group that will expand the market share in both Macau and Hong Kong and achieve the further international developement.


To obtain cooperation with local banks and hotels group

In view of the gradual rising of Macau gold and silver coin market, the majority groups and bank have a great demand on gifts and souvenirs. Royalex diversified products began to attract attention so that Royalex is currently cooperating with Bank of China Credit Card (Macau), Tai Fung Bank and the Banco National Ultramarino joint launched promotions respectively. The Tai Fung Bank also have co-distributing projects. In addition, Royalex still has also set up a special display cabinet in the international hotel group.



Network promotion

As the booming development of Internet, shopping in the internet platform such as Facebook and online shopping has become a global trend which could strengthen the brand image through a Facebook fan page to attract overseas consumers, and set up the online shopping store to start the operations can be described as the pioneer in gold and silver coins online shopping business in Chinese-speaking region.


Hong Kong store expansion

Hong Kong headquarter is in full swing in preparation which located in the flow of business focused on Hong Kong Island as a starting point. Royalex is aimed to bring the worldwide gold and silver coin and its retail idea into Hong Kong.


Strategy in Chinese-speaking region

Royalex can integrate the high-end customers with China, Singapore and Chinese-speaking region all around the world through the network communication paths and the establishment of an official shopping website which positioning Royalex as Asia’s largest gold and silver coins hall.


Overseas marketing promotion

The Royalex Group, is the biggest retailer and wholesaler of precious metals in Macau, China. We are the first ever international distributor of gold and silver coins and all of the products are international circulated gold and silver coins precious metals. Within two years time, Royalex has expanded to six retail stores. Royalex is proficient in precious metal investing and trading, providing warehoused precious metal services for high-end customers with top confidentiality.


The Enterprise mission

In Royalex perspective, it is a duty to redefine and convey the concepts of gold and silver coins and investment-grade precious metals industry to Chinese-speaking region.


Team Spirit

To play a good game needs every players’ effort and co-operations; and we believe that sales business likes a game with the needs of the entire team either the information provided by the logistical personnel or sales’ skills and capacity are indispensable.


Service concept

“The consumption of different experience” is the core concept of Royalex. The “exhibition store”, “real goods sales”, “product diversification” and “attitude” is all we are asking for which is different from the traditional gold coin shop. Royalex made customers place themselves in exquisite retail branches with professional staffs to explain the products to making the customers have more understanding the products and can viewing the gold and silver coins details in a close distance for the purpose of establishing the professional image to the customers.